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Our Services

Roam Automotive has a laser-like focus and attention to detail, supported by our relentless belief that preventative maintenance should be an affordable service array that saves our clients money before the damage is done. Our military background assures a level of integrity not often found within the mechanic profession. All of our services listed on this page are provided with a Roam Auto Promise: We will get it right, you will not overpay.

Light Duty Diesel Repair

Roam Auto owner and lead technician, TJ Lassila, has U.S.A.F. training and ASE Certification for Light Duty Diesel Repair. At our Central Upper Peninsula repair center, we can diagnose and fix any mechanical, electrical or computer related problem associated with your diesel vehicle.

Advanced Electrical Diagnostics

Our Team is highly skilled at troubleshooting and identifying electrical system malfunctions. Corrosion, Shorts, Breakage, Grounding, or any other electrical system issues can be quickly identified and repaired by bringing your vehicle to our Wetmore, MI Service Center.

Vehicle Computer Diagnostics

Roam Automotive has invested heavily in the best equipment available in the Automotive Repair Industry to effectively identify complex computer related malfunctions on a wide array of vehicles. Our Factory Support Network provides state-of-the-art access to schematic diagrams, system design specifications and recommended repair protocol that utilizes industry proven methodologies. Roam aggressively pursues continuing education opportunities to keep our Team on the cutting edge of Automotive Technology Repair Standards.

Chassis | Suspension | Alignment Services

Our background in suspension upgrades and modifications spans almost 3 decades. Emphasis on preventative maintenance is heavily practiced by our ASE Certified Suspension & Steering Technicians. We use advanced digital alignment technology to accurately achieve factory suspension specification tolerances. Our clients can expect longer tire life, improved vehicle handling and safety.

Vehicle Modification and Outfitting

We love adventure. We are addicted to improving vehicle capability and usability to assist even the most experienced Adventure Traveler with their next journey. Our background in Off Road Vehicle Modification can be traced to our days riding with Grandpa on a Grouse or Deer Hunt. Today’s Off Road Adventures through Michigan’s Upper Peninsula offer an endless list of modification possibilities to improve the experience.

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Roam Auto is located at E9594 Prospect Street in Munising, Michigan